Dec 15, 2022
Puneet Kohli
Here is my resume. If you have understood my background then please say "understood." PUNEET KOHLI US Citizen ◦ Sr Software Engineer ◦ Sunnyvale, CA Seeking Senior Software Engineering opportunities. (979) 739-8471 SKILLS Programming Python, C++, Java, Swift, C#, SQL, Javascript, Shell Scripting, GLSL Framework & Tools PyTorch, OpenCV, Tensorflow, ARKit, VR, Airflow, Android, Unity3D, AWS, Git EXPERIENCE Senior Software Engineer Apple April 2020 – Current ◦ Responsible for data engineering, management, and optimization projects - involving prototyping and pipelines - for downstream computer vision tasks. (Python, Airflow, OpenCV, PyTorch). Software Engineering Manager Leia Inc. September 2018 – April 2020 ◦ Developed libraries for real-time stereo disparity estimation, multi-camera calibration, etc (C++, GLSL, Java, OpenCV) and optimized for real-time performance on mobile GPUs. ◦ Building and deploying Neural Networks (CNNs) for a variety of 3D Computer Vision tasks (PyTorch, Python). Software Engineer Intern Amazon Web Services May 2018 – Aug 2018 ◦ Designed and developed a new feature for AWS Systems Manager with a focus on high availability, scalability, and security using AWS Lambda (Serverless computing), Java, Guice, DynamoDB, and CloudFormation. Technical Consultant Multiple Startups Sept 2015 - March 2018 ◦ Architected, designed, and built technical solutions (backend, mobile, databases) for startups in a variety of sectors ranging from Note-taking to Healthcare to eCommerce. Some companies secured Venture funding. Software Engineer Arcesium (D.E. Shaw Group) July 2016 - July 2017 ◦ Enhanced the Core Trade Processing Engine, which processes Millions of financial transactions per day in a distributed & secure Cloud environment for Enterprise clients (Large hedge funds) using Java, Perl & SQL. Technology Analyst Barclays Technology Center May 2015 - July 2015 ◦ Built real-time face tracking and emotion recognition Computer Vision prototypes (OpenCV, Java, Affectiva). Lead Mobile Developer ReFocus Technologies Aug 2013 - April 2015 ◦ Engineered and programmed award winning mobile apps (including Augmented Reality) and games (Java, C#, Unity) getting Millions of app downloads across Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone platforms. SELECTED PROJECTS Holopix50k — A Large-Scale In-the-wild Stereo Image Dataset.(CVPR 2020 CV4ARVR Workshop). Arxiv Pedestrian Safety using Computer Vision —Evaluated and compared Object Recognition frameworks for night vision (Machine Learning, Convolutional Networks, Image Processing). Research Paper Interactive 3D Virtual Walkthrough — Built a system that converts 2D floor plans to interactive 3D virtual walkthroughs in real-time (Unity3D, Cloud, Virtual Reality, Android, iOS, Simulation) Video ACHIEVEMENTS AND RECOGNITION Won Best AR/VR Hack at PennApps Hackathon and Winner of 10 other hackathons 2014 - Present Won Best Project Award at the University and Departmental levels (200+ projects) 2016 Won Game of the Year Award at NASSCOM GDC (Largest Game Dev conference in India) 2014 EDUCATION Master of Science, Computer Science, Texas A&M University. GPA: 4.0/4.0 BTech, Information Technology, College of Engineering Pune Major GPA: 4.0/4.0


Puneet Kohli
Now, can you write me a sample answer (based on my resume) which follows the STAR format : Have you ever had to develop a new skill on the job? Tell me about your approach to the learning process.

Yes, I have had to develop new skills on the job. One instance was when I joined Apple as a Senior Software Engineer and was responsible for data engineering, management, and optimization projects involving prototyping and pipelines for downstream computer vision tasks. I had to learn and become proficient in Python, Airflow, and PyTorch to effectively complete these tasks.

To approach the learning process, I first familiarized myself with the basics of the new skill by reading documentation and online tutorials. Next, I applied the new skill in a small project to get hands-on experience and identify any gaps in my knowledge. I then sought guidance from more experienced colleagues and continued to practice and build upon my knowledge. This approach allowed me to quickly gain proficiency in the new skill and effectively complete the tasks assigned to me.

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